Parent Coaching,
Social Skills Classes & Individualized Care

The Nest Los Angeles is an interdisciplinary space and community resource providing services for your unique family.

Parent Coaching,
Social Skills Classes & Individualized Care

The Nest Los Angeles is an interdisciplinary space and community resource providing services for your unique family.

Interdisciplinary Care For Your Unique Family

At The Nest Los Angeles, we provide expert parent coaching, social skills support for children, ABA support and immersive classes at our cozy space in Studio City.

Social Skills Classes

Personalized Care

Parent Coaching

ABA Services

Parent & Child Coaching

Our team of professionals partners with you on your child’s developmental journey while providing simple, clear and consistent communication. Support includes help with; Parent & Caregiver Coaching, Social & Emotional Coaching and Care Coordination.

On-site at The Nest Los Angeles or at your preferred location.

Social Skills Groups for Kids & Teens

Drawn from evidence-based practices, small play or social groups are led by a clinician who understands the value of a child’s individual path to development while giving your child tools to improve social skills, emotional intelligence and self-confidence.

Individual social coaching for tweens and teens available.

ABA Supports-

We Take Insurance!

We provide behavioral analytic services for children 0-5 with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. We partner with your child’s daycare setting to provide an inclusive, measurable and caring support to help your child meet their individualized goals.

ADOS Assessment

The ADOS-2(The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) assessment allows our practitioners to accurately assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) across age, developmental level, and language skills.

On-site at The Nest Los Angeles or by zoom.

SPACE Groups for Parents

SPACE stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions and is a parent-based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. Parents who participate in SPACE will learn skills and tools to help their child overcome anxiety, OCD or related problems.

On-site at The Nest Los Angeles.

Children’s Social & Sensory Art Classes

You and your child can participate in our sensory-based social emotional classes with other young children and their caregivers. On-site in our beautiful and calming space, our experts will guide you through play, answer your questions, and provide stimulating experiences for your little ones! Classes enrolling children 4 and over can drop off!!

Special Events

Want to host a birthday party, get together or other event in a safe community space? Look no further than The Nest Los Angeles! We’re available for private immersive celebrations.

Our Commitment
To Community

We partner with families to engage children and adults through artistic expression and specifically tailored programming to teach social and emotional regulation while providing a dynamic and supportive community within which to grow.

Our aim is to foster partnerships with families to support their children and deepen the relationships parents have with our clinicians. Our team of specialists have expertise in social & emotional coaching.

A Resource For
The Whole Family

If you think your child may need extra support in developing positive, values-based social and behavioral skills, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. We have expert staff available to support the educational, social and values-based growth you are looking for. Join us and the many families who’ve found hope, support and transformation at The Nest Los Angeles.

Consultations are available on-site at The Nest Los Angeles or by zoom.

What Families Are Saying

“Working with Jessy was so great, she works so hard & gives everyone so much love and respect. To say you will be missed is the very last statement any of us can make. I can’t tell you how much the time, attention, and care you have given our daughter over the years means to us & to her. You changed lives for the better, for real.”

“You are an amazingly insightful, direct, and invaluable resource for our family and we deeply appreciate you.”

“You are such a kind, empathetic, patient, lovely human being and I consider myself and my family lucky to have met you. Thank you for being like a second family to Eva and us.”

“When my second child was born, my older son was having some issues. He was jealous and had trouble sharing my attention. As a result, his behavior became challenging at home. He began to hit and yearn for attention in a negative manner. When I found Jessy, I was at my wits end. I was nervous about which version of my 3 year old I would receive. The behavior plan that Jessy constructed was life changing. Not only did it help my son who was struggling, it taught me how to understand his feelings better and how to react to his emotions in a calm way, mitigating an ocean of stress and anxiety for all of us. I am so grateful for her.”

We Foster A Values-Based, Family-Centered Community

The Nest Los Angeles is a safe place to have a curious mindset. We work from a foundation of values-based, family-centered resources for our families, all conveniently located in our Studio City community space (or via zoom).